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Band Directors Comment on E. Rousseau® Mouthpieces for their Saxophone Sections

We asked several band directors to provide E. Rousseau mouthpieces to their saxophone sections and comment on the results.

Band Directors commented on the effect of E. Rousseau mouthpieces in their saxophone sections, which included saxophone models from Jupiter, Selmer, Yanigasawa and Yamaha. E. Rousseau Mouthpieces were designed for all (SATB) saxophone brands. 

Classic R Series 

Response was easy for students; they adjusted quickly from mouthpieces they had previously used. 

The mouthpieces did not impede articulation in any way (and) enabled our players to play with more consistent intonation throughout the range of the horns, especially on the tenor.

Switching the section to the E. Rousseau mouthpieces instantly gave them greatly uniformity in tone, resulting in a dark, warm sound, great for our concert band section.

Great response, articulation. Can really cut. 

We had a rough transition but after practicing with them, my kids sounded great!

Intonation improved significantly from register to register.

Does a great job in the upper register, very consistent from top to bottom. Really like the way the lower end sounds. I would recommend these mouthpieces.

New Classic (NC) Series

The scale of the instruments is more in tune with the Rousseau mouthpieces.

Students had mixed results with volume/projection. These mouthpieces made up for this with tone quality.

Excellent cohesiveness of sound, the NC4 facing provides the most characteristic saxophone sound.

The mouthpieces, when combined with practice and specific instruction will improve the sound of a saxophone section.

Our thanks to all the band directors who participated, including:

Matt Muraski (band director), Cashton High School, Cashton, WI

Josh Kaufman (band director), Goshen, High School, Goshen, IN

John Hilmer and Matthew Verplaets (saxophone teacher), Warren Central High School, Indianapolis, IN

Overall Results when directors incorporated E. Rousseau Mouthpieces into their Saxophone Sections (totals of ratings)